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LED lights - Are they worth the investment?

In a world where electricity costs are soaring, if you have a business, large or small, it makes sense to invest in fixtures and fittings that are economical over the long term. Think about it, if a business runs a light in the office for 8-10 hours or even more if some are left on overnight for security, then times that by the number of lights in that office and it is easy to calculate energy costs can run into the hundreds or thousands per quarter.

LED's have emerged in the market as low voltage, energy efficient lighting of the future. With an LED having a product life of approximately 70,000 hours, the cost of the LED will be recouped in a short time dependant on hours of use.  Traditional halogen bulbs need approximately 35 to 500 watts an hour to emit the same amount of light that a 7 -20 watt LED will need. A no brainer!

At K & L Electrics, we have replaced halogen lights for LED lights in a number of applications ranging from small commercial premises to larger warehouses and buildings. We conduct a thorough site assessment with our clients to guage the type and number of LED fittings required and can help you to work out your return on investment. Next time you or someone you know despairs about massive electricity bills, tell them to call K & L Electrics.  We have the know how to reduce your energy bills immediately.

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