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Benefits of a Preventative Maintenance Service Schedule

Breakdowns to expensive machinery can have production grind to a screeching halt, costing businesses not just losses on the production line but also in lost chargeable labour.

Imagine having an order of 10,000 of your widgets your client wanted yesterday now being delayed by hours or days because your machinery hasn’t seen the inside of a qualified commercial and industrial electricians tool kit in so many years that you can’t remember. 

Having staff stand around whilst waiting for a commercial or industrial electrician to arrive to rectify the problem is also not efficient by any means.

K & L Electrics have been carrying out preventative maintenance services for a number or large corporations over the years ensuring uninterrupted production. 

Whether it be conveyors, carousels or cable rolling machines, by having your machines serviced regularly you take out the unknown factor of annoying breakdowns at the most inopportune times.  Some unavoidable breakdowns can still occur however by having a maintenance plan in place, this also ensures you will have fast response in the event of a breakdown. You take priority.

Having a preventative maintenance schedule organised not only ensures the efficiency of your equipment’s performance over the long term but also ensures its safety and that of your operators as well.

Instead of reacting to emergency breakdowns and costly repairs, be pro-active and have

K & L Electrics take care of your regular maintenance services. 

These services can be scheduled at intervals suited to you and your budget.

Contact Ken on 1300 365 690 to discuss your requirements.